Accidentally Took Double Blood Pressure Medicine

Accidentally Took Double Blood Pressure Medicine

Maximum medicines have benefits as well as risks. Some medicine cause side effects and can be addictive. Others are toxic in case you take too much. Taking too much medicine is called an overdose.

While you take your medicine by mistake or too much medicine by mistake, this overdose is considered accidental.

However, if you are a blood pressure patient, you took double blood pressure medicine accidentally. While you are taking medication and if your blood pressure is so high, taking a double dose won’t be dangerous or a big problem.

But when your blood pressure is normal and you are taking a double dose, it is harmful to your health and your pressure will drop.

High blood pressure or hypertension is one of the chief risk creators of heart disease. So, if you took your blood pressure pills twice, you should go to your doctor’s office because this is especially dangerous for any person.

Sometimes, overdose can cause death. Therefore, it depends on how much and what type of medicine the person took. Finally, it is better, if you face that situation, contact your health professional as soon as possible.

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