best blood pressure monitor under £30

Best Blood Pressure Monitor under £30

There are a large number of blood pressure monitors and it can be difficult to find the best one for your needs.

Now, we are here some of the more advanced and best blood pressure monitors under £30, compact design and useful to measure your blood pressure conveniently. So, read our reviews to choose which perfect is for you and your budget.

Best Blood Pressure Monitor under £30 TO Purchase In 2023

Here are our 7 Best Blood Pressure Monitors under £30

Note: This is just an idea. Most Blood Pressure Monitors are priced under £30, but there are a few Blood Pressure Monitors that may exceed this price range.

1. A&D Medical UA-651SL

A&D Medical UA-651SL

  • Band size: 37 cm
  • Dimensions: 9×12×17 cm
  • Weight: 300 grams
  • Power source: Battery powered

A&D Medical UA-651SL comes with cost-effective features and simple user-friendly one-button operation incorporating the advantage of automatic fuzzy logic controlled inflation. A reliable medical tool ensures you the best quality blood pressure monitor under £30.

This device is a latex and metal-free, semi-large fit cuff measuring from 32 cm to 37 cm providing you with a more comfortable experience at home. Clinically validated A&D follows the world-recognized European Hypertension society guidelines, as well as allowing great confidence to you in your readings.

On the other hand, the average stored data is up to 30 readings of this blood pressure monitor; and the WHO blood pressure indicator confirms toy to an excellent control management programme.

Besides, A&D has easy to carry case and an optional AC adaptor. You can enjoy also a 5-year mind-satisfying product warranty with it.



Omron X3

  • Band size: 42 cm
  • Dimensions: 14.5×10.5×8.7 cm
  • Weight: 0.31 kg
  • Power source: Battery powered

OMRON X3 blood pressure monitor under 30 has been validated by renowned clinics and the latest European Society for Hypertension. It ensures also better comfort use for diabetics or during pregnancy (pre-eclampsia).

The medical equipment for your home is intuitive to use including a pre-formed upper arm cuff (the circumference between 22 cm and 42 cm), which takes away the difficulty of cuff placement at the same time confirms exact readings in any position.

Moreover, OMRON X3 allows the cuff wrap guide where the main cause of incorrect blood pressure monitoring is wrong placement. So, the cuff wraps guide and body movement detection indicators assist you to prevent such kinds of mistakes.

This exclusive model gives you a wonderful display and detects your irregular heartbeat, if your blood pressure is high, showing hypertension. It assures easy access to your readings along with OMRON stores up to 60 readings for up to two users.


3. Duronic Blood Pressure Monitor

Duronic BPM400

  • Band size: 42 cm
  • Dimensions: 16.7×7.9×14.3 cm
  • Weight: 0.66 pounds
  • Power source: Battery powered

Duronic Blood Pressure Monitor is equipped to give you highly accurate measurements, of systolic and diastolic pressure along with the pulse rate per minute. If the equipment finds out an irregular heartbeat, it will flag up.

A fully automatic device, simple to use and read, only one touch starts the medical tool operating. The monitor contains an LCD digital display that shows the readings and dates clearly with large digits.

This user-friendly blood pressure monitor has an easy-fit cuff which has been formed with comfort in mind and comes with high-tech material which helps to collect accurate results. You can use the cuff on the upper arm only, and the size of 22 cm to 42 cm.

Duronic Blood Pressure Monitor under 30 in the UK is basically a safe and comfortable way to detect your regular blood pressure. It can also hold up to 60 recordings for your convenience.


4. Beurer BC28

Beurer BC28

  • Dimensions: 8.4×2.9×6 cm
  • Weight: 0.17 grams
  • Power source: Battery powered

Enjoy proper healthcare at home with the Beurer BC28 blood pressure monitor which is totally automatic making your life easier. This perfect health companion monitors your pulse values and blood pressure on the wrist.

The display of this medical equipment is easy-to-read, more clear and the colour classification of the measured values makes results in them especially so easy and simple.

This blood pressure monitor under £30 not only provides a fast measurement but is more reliable and accurate too. It allows date and time, automatic switch off as well as battery change indicator.

Cost-efficient Beurer BC28 comes with also 2 user profiles with 60 stored readings each. Moreover, it includes an arrhythmia detection feature together with a signal system in case of your application is an error.


5. Kenitik Blood Pressure Monitor

Kinetik Blood Pressure Monitor

  • Band size: 42 cm
  • Power source: Battery powered

Kenitik Blood Pressure Monitor is manufactured to the European Society of Hypertension and the British and Irish hypertension society guidelines. This clinically validated monitor ensures you accurate, comfortable and faster measurements every time.

The device pursues innovative new technology as well as allows correct reading while the cuff inflates for releasing quickly once the result is complete, reducing pressure on the arm. The fast reference indicator shows simply classifies your readings.

Moreover, Kenitik has 90 reading memory for keeping a record with date and time and to share with your GP. This is intuitive to use and fully automatic working with the push of a button.

It is more convenient, and has a rapid release cuff that fits upper your arms between the circumference of 20 cm and 42 cm. so use this cozy and reasonable blood pressure monitor at home.



Buying a blood pressure monitor is a very challenging task. Because there are so many different monitors out there with various features and prices. The best blood pressure monitor under 30 will be the most cost-effective and have the most value for your money.

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