best blood pressure monitor under £50

Best Blood Pressure Monitor under £50

Blood pressure monitors are a must-have in the modern age. They are used to detect and measure your blood pressure regularly.

Bur the problem is that most of these devices are very expensive, which makes it hard for people to afford them.

Luckily, there is a solution-we has five cheap and affordable blood pressure monitors under £50 that can be delivered right to your doorstep.

Best Blood Pressure Monitor under £50 TO Purchase In 2023

Here are our 7 Best Blood Pressure Monitors under £50

Note: This is just an idea. Most Blood Pressure Monitors are priced under £50, but there are a few Blood Pressure Monitors that may exceed this price range.

1. Braun ExactFit 3

Braun ExactFit 3

  • Dimensions: 18×12×15 cm
  • Size: ExactFit 3 with 2 cuff sizes
  • Material feature: Durable, Easy clean
  • Weight: 300 grams

Braun ExactFit 3 blood pressure monitor under £50 is the device that helps you to use conveniently along with monitors your blood pressure in your own home most accurately. The medical tool offers clinically proven professional accuracy based on the European Society of Hypertension method.

On the other side, using the soft inflation mechanism provides more comfortable reading, making it suitable for anyone who needs to take extra regular measurements. This Braun ExactFit 3 monitor finds out, particularly, your blood pressure levels at the inflation stage, except discomfort on your arm and avoiding unnecessary high pressure.

Moreover, this model comes with two compatible cuff sizes that perfectly wrap around all arm circumferences as well as ensure the most accurate reading every time. You can enjoy the colour-coding blood pressure level indicator helping you fast interpret your results.

The other aspect of Braun is averaging the function of the last 3 measurements enabling you to attain a good representation of your heart. It can also hold up to 80 readings across two individual users.


2. Beurer BM58

Beurer BM58

  • Dimensions: 10×15×5.8 cm
  • Size: Unit-5.8 cm× 15 cm×10 cm cuff-22 cm to 30 cm
  • Weight: 502 grams
  • Power source: Battery powered

Beurer BM58 is an ideal and cost-effective blood pressure monitor that helps you to check your blood pressure on a regular basis if you are suffering from high blood pressure or hypertension. This is basically user-friendly medical equipment allowing easy to understand your reading.

The blood pressure monitor under 50 on the UK online market is mostly popular. Not only Beurer is medically certified but also has the universal upper arm cuff adjusted to match an average arm circumference from 22 cm to 30 cm.

It alerts you in case of any signs of arrhythmia as well as monitors your vitals against the colour-coded risk indicator. This compact device allows the free Beurer Health Manager software for simple analysis and sharing of your measurements.

His blood pressure monitor has also sensor touch buttons together with easily reading XL backlit display. Besides, it gives you 2 user profiles, holding 60 recorded values for each.




  • Dimensions: 10.7×7.9×14.1 cm
  • Weight: 0.02 kg
  • Band size: 42 cm
  • Power source: Battery powered

OMRON M3 is another brand of the best blood pressure monitor under £50, can keep track of two users by storing the last 60 blood pressure measurements for each. This device includes a comfortable cuff circumference from 22 cm to 42 cm.

The easy cuff of the medical equipment can be adjusted to fit different arm sizes, as well as the cuff wrapping guide icon, lights up if the cuff is wrapped perfectly. It also provides you to feel more confident regarding the accuracy of your readings.

This automatic blood pressure monitor has enough memory capacity that stores up to 60 readings each for two users. Thanks to its intelligent technology which inflates the cuff to the peak pressure that is tailored to your blood pressure level.

It ensures also more convenient measurement and use of the device; OMRON M3 has proven accuracy and reliability under the European Society of Hypertension along with it offers you a three-year warranty.


4. A&D Medical UB-533

A&D Medical UB-533

  • Brand size: 21.5 cm
  • Weight: 170 grams

A&D Medical UB-533 blood pressure monitor under £50 comes with many advantageous features and extraordinary design. Not only this medical device is an upgraded and best-quality product but also clinically validated by the European Society for Hypertension to ensure the highest accuracy.

This is the way to measure your blood pressure automatically in the home. It provides reliable and more consistent results via Blue and Orange positioning sensors.

The equipment has also 60 memories an average reading function, very suitable blood pressure monitor to store necessary recordings. It allows the irregular Heart Beat Indicator as well as the world Health Organization Blood Pressure Classification Indicator.

A&D Medical UB-533 wrist blood pressure monitor gives you the perfect cuff size the circumference from 13.5 cm to 21.5 cm. This is so portable and easy to use the monitor at home.


5. Kinetik Blood Pressure Monitor

Kinetik Blood Pressure Monitor

  • Dimensions: 10×13×4.9 cm
  • Weight: 215 grams
  • Band size: 42 cm
  • Power source: Battery powered

Kinetik Blood Pressure Monitor is the other reasonable price model but ensures a high-quality item. It is certified by the European Society of Hypertension and the British and Irish Hypertension Society to give you exact readings every time.

This advanced monitor allows you fast, easy and accurate results; has easy to read display option, irregular heartbeat detection, and morning hypertension detection feature as well as a cuff wrap guide and body movement sensor, helping to avoid general mistakes that cause inaccurate blood pressure readings.

On the other hand, Irregular heartbeat detection and morning Hypertension detection also confirm that you are instantly notified if you require looking for further medical assistance.

Kinetik comfort blood pressure monitor under 50 is a basically fruitful way to observe if you have high blood pressure is to measuring it regularly using. The device contains a universal and convenient cuff size between 22 cm and 42 cm.



Above mentioned blood pressure monitors under 50 ensure superior quality and give accurate results.

And, the Braun ExactFit 3, Beurer BM58 blood pressure monitor is both excellent design and long-lasting,

So, you can choose your preference.

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