best budget blood pressure monitor uk

Best Budget Blood Pressure Monitor UK

A blood pressure monitor is one of the most common types of medical equipment used in the home helping to detect hypertension and other health conditions.

However, you can see our 9 available best budget blood pressure monitors which ensure the promoted quality on the UK online market.

So, do a regular check-up on your health and enjoy a better future.

Cheap Blood Pressure Monitor TO Purchase In 2023

Here are our 5 best cheap blood pressure monitor in the UK market.


Omron X3

  • Measurement: 14.5×10.5×8.7 cm
  • Band size: 42 cm
  • Power source: Battery powered

OMRON X3 is the best value blood pressure monitor validated by respected clinics and based on the latest European Society for Hypertension. It can be used on diabetics or during pregnancy more comfortable.

The device is very simple to use, including a pre-formed upper arm cuff that measures between 22 cm and 42 cm, allows hassle-free cuff placement as well as confirms correct readings in any position. Even, the cuff wrap guide helps you avoid inaccurate placement.

Get your daily health status by X3 convenient display, OMRON can also detect an irregular heartbeat, or when your blood pressure is high showing hypertension. It stores up to 60 blood pressure readings for two users to boost you keep an eye on your heart health along with making positive changes for a healthy life.

So, OMRON X3 is the essential home comfort equipment, not only effective to monitor your blood pressure but also offers you a reasonable price.


2. Braun ExactFit 5

Braun ExactFit 5

  • Measurement: 19.2×13×14.5 cm
  • Weight: 997 grams

Braun ExactFit 5 comes with many advantageous features to ensure your healthier future. By using this smart device you can monitor your heart more clearly, closely and conveniently than ever.

Now connect to the Braun Healthy Heart app so effortlessly via Bluetooth to unlock your improvement over time. It has colour coded indicator panel that instantly interprets your results.

You can enjoy extreme comfort and clinical accuracy with two cuff sizes as well as soft inflation technology. Braun gives you totally automatic and reliable readings or measurements. It helps you to know irregular heartbeat detection.

Get deeper insight with long-term averages, including upgraded averaging modes with full day, morning or evening average options providing you more control and an easy-to-read XL backlit display too.




  • Measurement: 12.4×16.1×9 cm
  • Band size: 42 cm
  • Weight: .55 kg
  • Power source: Battery powered

OMRON M7 is one of the greatest and most advanced cheap blood pressure monitors that work with the help of Bluetooth technology making it easy to check blood pressure readings at home, keep track at the same time share with your doctor on your mobile phone.

This automatic and affordable blood pressure monitor with Intelli Wrap Cuff measuring from 22 cm to 42 cm updates readings to your phone via the OMRON connect app. All of your blood pressure readings are easy to place to store.

The device comes with a three-year product warranty as well as has proven accuracy and reliability under testing methods of the European Society of Hypertension.

The OMRON M7 stores up to 60 readings for two users and results are shown with three indicators for high blood pressure and while an irregular heartbeat has been detected.


4. Beurer BM54

Beurer BM54

  • Measurement: 17×11×5 cm
  • Band size: 44 cm
  • Weight: .35 kg
  • Power source: Battery powered

Beurer BM54 is another reasonably rated blood pressure monitor that takes your blood pressure measurement from your upper arm, inflating and notifying fully automatically for peace of mind if any application errors.

This handy device is easy to use and easy to understand, has the XL display screen presents your reading in large digits together with the date and time. Most significantly, your reading is measured against the colour coded WHO risk indicator.

The Beurer BM54 provides 2 user profiles which contain enough memory capacity to store the user’s last 60 measured values and recall an overall average. It has also the ability to detect arrhythmia, signalling any irregularity in your heartbeat.

You can transfer all your data wirelessly through Bluetooth to your computer, or to the free Beurer Health manager app on your smartphone and easily it is possible to monitor your health as well as share the results with your family or health professional.


5. Duronic BPM150

Duronic BPM150

  • Measurement: 16.6×9.3×14.3 cm
  • Band size: 42 cm
  • Weight: 380 grams
  • Power source: Battery powered

Duronic BPM150 best budget blood pressure monitor works with extremely skilled medical test centres to allow you advanced technology that assures you accurate blood pressure readings from the comfort of your own home.

This automatic electric upper arm BPM150 provides exact results every time and the unit comes ready to be used straight out of the box. The device also checks the systolic blood pressure and the diastolic blood pressure along with the pulse rate reading.

It includes a cuff, specially designed to be portable and for comfort, which is made of high tech material to confirm it collects correct reading. Duronic is an easy operating device.

The cuff will fit an adult’s arm size the circumference of 22 cm to 42 cm. it has a large LCD display which shows your results with large digits. This blood pressure monitor also can store up to 60 readings in memory.


6. Sanitas SBM21

Sanitas SBM21

  • Measurement: 5.5×11×0.7 cm
  • Band size: 36 cm
  • Weight: 13.93 ounces
  • Power source: Battery powered

Sanitas SBM21 comes with easy to use the feature; the blood pressure monitor operates automatically to check your blood pressure correctly at pulse reading at the touch of a button.

This medically certified blood pressure monitor has also the ability to detect your vitals quickly and easily together with giving you peace of mind. Besides, it is easy to understand including an easy-to-read screen that displays your reading in large digits with time and date.

The beat value blood pressure monitor allows the cuff size for upper arm circumferences between 22 cm and 36 cm. Sanitas can detect arrhythmia too, alerting you to any irregularity in your heartbeat.

This practical medical device ensures extraordinary quality while at the same time providing 4 user-profiles and 30 memory locations per user profile.


7. Annsky Blood Pressure Monitor

Annsky Blood Pressure Monitor

  • Band size: 36 cm
  • Power source: Battery powered

The Annsky Blood Pressure Monitor provides advanced measurement techniques to assure you the most accurate reading, which is vital to handling high blood pressure. Two user groups, each storing up to 99 measurements, have their own independent measurement records.

This monitor is a fully automatic system and easy to use. Wrap the cuff around your upper arm, and assure an accurate sitting position. With only one touch of the button get your systolic and diastolic blood pressure along with pulse results.

Annsky affordable blood pressure monitor cuff length is from 22 cm to 32 cm confirms standard fitting, especially for large adult arms. The perfect design gives you precision and comfort as well is recommended for home use.

Users can track their health heart rate, and blood pressure so easily according to the specific date and time. This blood pressure monitor is particularly a professional home use medical equipment.


8. Duronic BPM400

Duronic BPM400

  • Measurement: 18.2×3.9×10 cm
  • Band size: 42 cm
  • Weight: 345 grams
  • Power source: Battery powered

If you want the highly accurate readings every time, our Duronic BPM400 cheap blood pressure monitor is the perfect one. It will also be flagged up in case the monitor detects an irregular heartbeat.

The device is very simple to use and read, fully automatic, one-touch start the machine operating Duronic includes a large LCD digital display which presents the date and actual readings clearly.

It has been equipped to be portable and allows the storage bag that can be used to store the device away while not in use. If you wish to record your readings, you can do it and the machine can hold up to 60 recordings.

This blood pressure monitor is specially made to check blood pressure and pulse rate in a safe, comfortable and easy way. A piece of suitable medical equipment is for home and professional use.


9. True Face Blood Pressure Monitor

True Face Blood Pressure Monitor

  • Measurement: 116×98×60 mm
  • Weight: 45 grams

The True Face Blood Pressure Monitor comes with an innovative design and small size. It is so popular with the UK people for its portable aspect; you can use it at anytime and anywhere.

This intelligent blood pressure monitor integrates data display and cuff in one has digital LCD display screen helping you easy to read the achieved measurements, time and date clearly. It can store historical readings, and assist you record and monitoring blood pressure changes.

True Face is the best budget blood pressure monitor, has the ability to detect systolic and diastolic pressure and pulse rate at the same time it monitors irregular heartbeat along with blood pressure classification simultaneously.

Moreover, the True Face medical device is very useful and essential home equipment which provides one-key operation, easy to operate for young and adults. It displays the measured results with a high precision value.



This article has already mentioned some of the best budget blood pressure monitors which are becoming more and more popular with time.

Now, you can pick out the right option for your needs. And, if you want my suggestion, I recommend you to purchase the OMRON X3 or Braun ExactFit 5 because of their superior quality.

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