bluetooth blood pressure monitor uk

Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor UK

The Bluetooth blood pressure monitor is the latest in wearable medical equipment which measures and displays your blood pressure in real-time and at the same time stores the data for later analysis with a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Here, we will discuss 5 exclusive and the best Bluetooth blood pressure monitors for your better healthy life.

Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor TO Purchase In 2023

Here are our 5 best Bluetooth blood pressure monitor in the UK market.


1. Withings BPM Core

Withings BPM Core

  • easurement: 45×16.5×56 cm
  • Power source: Corded electric
  • Weight: 430 grams

The Withings BPM Core is a smart device that takes your blood pressure and heart rate and also tracks your sleep patterns. This product is essential for people who have high blood pressure because it can help them monitor their health in a much easier way.

It detects atrial fibrillation, the most usual form of arrhythmia pacemakers and implantable cardioverter defibrillators can check BP measurements as well as ECG recordings inconclusive. Through the digital stethoscope, Withings BPM listens to your heart and at the same time helps detect the most prevalent valvular heart diseases.

Most effectively, this is the best Bluetooth blood pressure monitor, easy to use and easy to understand. The wireless system allows only one button to press and shows instant results on the LED display screen with colour-coded feedback.

You can enjoy a seamless experience and get full data history in the free Health Mate app via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi synchronization. BPM Core is especially an FDA-cleared medical device and compliant with European medical device standards.


2. Omron EVOLV


  • Measurement: 8.5×12×2 cm
  • Power source: Battery powered
  • Weight: 0.24 kg

Omron EVOLV is the most reliable Bluetooth blood pressure monitor, clinically validated, and provides you with accurate readings to keep track of your heart health.

It has no tubes or wires but includes simple to use features such as the Intelli wrap cuff technology, however, cuff wrap guide as well as brilliant aspects that easily sync your readings to your smartphone.

These characteristics make the device easy for you to integrate daily health monitoring into your regular life and you no need to go to the doctor’s office. Omron EVOLV upper arm blood pressure monitor is basically compact design and convenient for discreet at home or on the go use.

This sleek look device is a completely wireless style successfully validated for use in pregnant women both without and with preeclampsia. It also assures accuracy from rigorous testing procedures by significant health organizations.


3. Braun ExactFit 5

Braun ExactFit 5

  • Measurement: 19.2×13×14.5 cm
  • Weight: 997 grams

Braun ExactFit 5 is another best blood pressure monitor with a Bluetooth connection. So you can connect to the Braun Healthy Heart app without any effort via Bluetooth to unlock your progress over time.

It gives clinically proven professional accuracy following the European Society of Hypertension method. The comfortable device presents colour-coded immediate data interpretation as easier to understand as well.

This model is also convenient to use at your home, heart health isn’t just blood pressure so Braun can even diagnose an irregular heartbeat and you can monitor your heart more clearly and closely.

Now, it is time to experience utmost smartness and clinical accuracy with two cuff sizes and cozy inflation technology. Get deeper insights along with long-term averages fast, ExactFit 5 allows fully automatic and reliable measurements including large controls and an easy-to-read XL backlit display.


4. MobileHealth Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor

MobileHealth Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor

  • Measurement: 14.5×6.4×3 cm
  • Power source: Battery powered
  • Weight: 240 grams

MobileHealth Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor comes with a stylish and compact design, comfortable to use. It confirms you to sync systolic and diastolic blood pressure readings as well as actual heart rate measurements automatically to your mobile device just with one touch.

The results are shown on the extra-large screen of your monitor and recorded to your phone via Bluetooth. Average 200 readings can be stored on this device, so the results can be easily shared or emailed with your family members or doctors.

This portable and convenient Bluetooth enabled blood pressure monitor gives you stress-free monitoring at home, in the office, or on no holiday. It also features triple measurement averaging for more accuracy: irregular heartbeat, atrial fibrillation detection and multi-user functionality.

MobileHealth BP monitor protects you from the risk of inaccurate results, easy to use this modern wireless Bluetooth technology allows your day-to-day health monitoring needs.


5. Duronic BPM490

Duronic BPM490

  • Measurement: 15.8×7.5×9.6 cm
  • Weight: 380 grams
  • Band size: 32 cm

Our last UK Bluetooth blood pressure monitor android works with Bluetooth technology so you can keep track of your readings via the MedM app, as well as Duronic BPM490 is available for apple and android-4, 3 and up.

It comes with 1-year limited warranty, most importantly, you can always trust the Duronic healthy living device which assists you to monitor your physical health in an easy process of your own home. The easy-fit cuff is equipped for cozy and to ensure accurate and perfect use, rolls around for intuitive storage.

This BPM490 model is specially manufactured to a reliable standard, easy to use as well. It is the supreme solution for you if you are searching for an upper arm or wrist type device.

The Duronic Bluetooth blood pressure monitor provides an LCD display (large) that presents clearly the results with large digits. Measuring range: pressure 0-300 mm Hg pulse 40-200 pulse/min, one-touch operation gives digital readings on inflation with super memory capabilities.



As this is the best way to monitor your blood pressure buy especially the best Bluetooth blood pressure monitors which is the perfect device for monitoring your health.

You can choose the Withings BPM Core and Omron EVOLV models due to their superior quality.

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